Homes that Heal

The Homes that Heal – Practice RHYTHM™ is a comprehensive training and coaching program that provides a practice framework for workers. At its foundation is the belief that adults not children should create and maintain the 'rhythm' of the house.

The program understands that children who come into care require a range of support services and interventions to guide their recovery from trauma and broken attachments.

Program Components

The standard training program operates over a three year cycle and comprises the following 5 components;

1) Assessment phase
Determining the areas of practice requiring most enhancement

2) Training phase
Structured learning sessions to teach the principles of Homes that Heal

3) Embedding phase
Knowledge and skills are consolidated into practice through coaching and support

4) Implementation auditing phase
Strategies utilised within houses will be reviewed and re-assessed over a three year period

5) Refresher phase
Skills and knowledge are refreshed through condensed and specifically targeted training

These key areas guide participants through a complete understanding of how to positively create household rhythm.
The healing is focused on three levels: the psychological, physical and spiritual.

  • The PsychologicalRead more

    Homes that Heal guides staff through a process of ensuring that the young people are cared for in the very best way they can. This includes planning through the development of a Therapeutic Treatment Plan (TTP) and focuses on the key areas of;

    • Smart Thinking
    • Self Care
    • Self Love
    • Cooperation
    • Empathy
    • Spiritual Awareness
    • Cultural Identity
    • Safety

    At the centre of this phase of healing is the development of strong and trusting relationships in a warm and responsive environment. Homes that Heal program utilises daily community Catch-Ups (CUP) to provide a regular time to check in, set the scene, plan ahead and resolve conflicts in the household. It also provides a forum by which adults can role-model leadership and good parenting behaviours.

    Homes that Heal program strongly advocates the use of daily and weekly routines which provide structure and certainty to the household environment and contribute to a more settled state of being. This ultimately occurs as the routines themselves are therapeutic in nature and promote a sense of community and healing.

  • The PhysicalRead more

    There are two components of the physical; bringing life to the physical environment of the house and bringing strength to the physical body of the child.

    The physical environment of the house must be maintained to a high standard at all times. The 'community' oversees a maintenance plan and damage due to 'acting out' behaviour must be fixed quickly and (where appropriate) as part of the restoration phase with the child and the rest of the 'community'.

    Focused activity as part of the daily and weekly routines takes into account an assessment of the physical health of the child and aims to address their needs. This is also tied into the TTP.

    The nutritional requirements of growing young people is also strongly considered and discussed by the Homes that Heal program. This is a key element of health in young people and can be used to promote a range of engagement and healing processes.

  • The SpiritualRead more

    The spiritual health of every child irrespective of race or creed must be addressed. This is connected not only to traditions, which may or may not include an exploration of faith, but also to the child's need to be part of and connected to something greater than themselves.

    Further healing work in this area helps to restore a sense of 'peace of mind' and spirit. Homes that Heal program encourages the use of Yoga, Tai Chi, trampolining, mediation and mindfulness to enable exploration in these areas.

    To achieve a complete understanding of Homes that Heal program, participants will be exposed to key foci across the areas of;

    Regulating Emotional States
    Homely and Safe Environment
    Yummy Food
    Therapeutic Treatment Plans
    Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
    Maintaining the RHYTHM