Practice RHYTHM

The Practice RHYTHM™ training and coaching program is a comprehensive package that provides a clear practice framework for programs operating in the Out of Home Care Sector. This includes Residential Care, Foster Care, Kinship Care, Permanent Care, Lead Tenant and Adolescent Community Placements. At its foundation is the belief that adults, not children should create and maintain the 'rhythm' of the house.

The Practice RHYTHM™ model understands that children and young people in care require a range of support services and interventions to guide their recovery. We focus the healing on three levels:

Regulating Emotional States
Homely and Safe Environment
Yummy Food
Therapeutic Treatment Plans
Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
Maintaining the RHYTHM

  • The PsychologicalRead more

    We will guide participants through a process of ensuring that children and young people are cared for in the best way possible. This includes planning through the development of a Therapeutic Treatment Plan (TTP) with the following areas of focus:

    • Smart Thinking
    • Self Care
    • Self Love
    • Cooperation
    • Empathy
    • Spiritual Awareness
    • Cultural Identity
    • Safety

  • The PhysicalRead more

    There are two components to the physical; bringing life to the physical environment of the house and bringing strength to the physical body of the child or young person.

  • The SpiritualRead more

    The spiritual health of every child and young person, irrespective of race or creed, must be addressed. This is connected not only to traditions, which may or may not include an exploration of faith, but also to their need to be part of and connected to something greater than themselves.

The program is comprised of five components that ensure key learning and practice strategies are
comprehensively embedded into the running of the household. This includes:

1) The assessment phase
Determines the areas of practice requiring specific enhancement

2) The training phase
Provides structured learning sessions to teach the principles of Practice RHYTHM™

3) The embedding phase
Supporting implementation of knowledge and skills into direct practice through coaching and support sessions

4) The implementation auditing phase
Where the strategies utilised within the household/s will be reviewed and re-assessed over a 3 year period

5) The refresher phase
Where skills and knowledge are refreshed through condensed and specifically targeted training

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