SMARTER Schools Program

Achieving Best Possible Outcomes for Students & Staff

SMARTER Schools Program allows access to a range of services to assist your school in reaching best possible academic, developmental and social outcomes for all students. The services available are specifically designed to add value to the work you are currently doing when it comes to addressing the social, emotional and learning needs of students, school staff and parents.

SMARTER Schools Program is particularly relevant to students who have experienced trauma, abuse and family dysfunction. These experiences often impact a student's ability to learn, develop and positively contribute to the school environment. SMARTER Schools Program will assist your school leaders, teachers, support staff, students and community to meet the needs of these students whilst enhancing educational outcomes.

All of the services are available individually or can be tailored as a part of a package to meet a variety of your needs.

  • Secondary ConsultationRead more

    Case specific support provided to assist workers and carers who may require extra assistance to manage the complexities of a case. This can occur at our office, at the agency or in the carer's home.

  • Professional DevelopmentRead more

    Professional development can be customised to meet the needs of individuals or groups. We cover a range of topic areas, including but not limited to:

    • Leadership
    • Staff well-being
    • School capacity building
    • Cultural competency
    • Specialised training
    - How trauma impacts the brain
    - How to interpret, manage & change challenging student behaviour
    - How to regulate aggressive & violent emotions
    - Helping students to transition within the school environment

  • Student DevelopmentRead more

    • Student well-being programs
    - Bullying
    - Grief & Loss (Seasons Program)
    - Resilience building
    - Strengthening student relationships
    - Positive Choices program (PCP)

    Other relevant professional and student development topics can be tailored upon request.

  • Professional Supervision & CoachingRead more

    Professional supervision and coaching can be provided to assist school staff to enhance their reflective practice regarding the welfare and well-being needs of students and their colleagues.

  • Psychological Assessment & CounsellingRead more

    We provide psycho-educational testing and assessments and deliver a range of other allied heath interventions including occupational and speech therapy and referral to other appropriate services. This service includes the provision of written reports with recommendations and implementation strategies.

    Counselling for individual students, groups of students and families can also be accessed.

  • DebriefingRead more

    Critical incidents create stress that often impact on a person's normal psychological ability to cope and confidently manage their workload. We can provide individual and group debriefing to assist school staff in managing stressful events.

  • School Support CoordinatorRead more

    If you choose a tailored package we will provide you with a coordinator to organise the delivery of services. This person will be your one point of contact promoting consistency and accountability.

  • Telephone, Email & Support ServicesRead more

    These services are provided as part of the tailored package and may include telephone or email consultations and administrative support.

    Further benefits to schools choosing a tailored package include:

    • The opportunity for Australian Childhood Trauma Group to build a relationship with your school. This allows us to understand the philosophy of your school and the challenges and rewards of your work, while assisting in the achievement of professional goals
    • Discounted rates for accessing multiple services
    • Having a variety of your training and support needs met by the one service provider

Our Team

The team at Australian Childhood Trauma group
is multi-disciplinary and includes:

• Psychologists
• Social Workers
• Education Consultants
• Therapists
• Project Managers
• Trainers
• Allied health professionals

If you would like a consultant to ring you to discuss your needs please contact us.

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