START (Specialist Training, Assessment & Response Team) has operated since 1992, providing support services to the Out of Home Care sector in Victoria.

Funded by the Department of Human Services, START's primary function is to support caseworkers, carers and care teams to reach best possible outcomes for infants, children and young people living in Out of Home Care. This is achieved through the provision of the following services:

Secondary Consultations

Case-specific support provided to assist workers and carers who may require extra assistance to manage the complexities of a child or young person's needs. This can occur at our office, at the agency, in the carer's home or even at the child or young person's school. Consultations can occur outside of normal business hours to cater to carers who work during the day.


Melbourne can access secondary consultations at no cost:
The following programs in the North and West Divisions of metropolitan

Foster Care
Kinship Care
Adoption & Permanent Care
Lead Tenant


We run a compressive training calendar that covers a variety of topics and professional development areas.
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Referral Process

Access to START is quick and easy as there are no complex referral processes.
To make a referral simply fill out our online referral form.

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