We believe every child has the right to feel safe, be connected, and thrive

Flexible, responsive and comprehensive therapeutic support for children, adults and families experiencing mental health issues and disability.

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In 2023 ACTG delivered:

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Australian Childhood Trauma Group are committed to being a child safer organisation. We work hard to ensure that all children and young people who access our services are met with care and compassion. We do not accept or tolerate any form of abuse towards children, young people or adults from any individual, be they parents, caregivers, peers, or professionals.

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I am a…


We are here to help you support the children you care for, with a variety of methods to create the change you need for your family.

Young Person

This world can be tough.

Our clinicians can help you to navigate it, with practical strategies to help you succeed.


Reaching out can be hard. We maintain a simple, empathetic intake process which listens to your needs, to provide the right therapeutic support.

NDIS Participant

Registered to provide both Therapeutic Supports and Behaviour Supports, we will always prioritise your choices and help you realise your goals.


We partner with both staff and students to achieve real, sustainable change in the classroom, playground and more.


Finding the right support for your clients can be a challenge. We partner with you to develop the most appropriate and effective support.

Support Coordinator

Registered to provide both Therapeutic Supports and Behaviour Supports, we can provide quality support to your clients.


We partner with you to co-design a program of therapeutic and clinical support services to achieve your organisational goals.

“The support the ACT Group gave us enabled our child to heal, and for us to become a family and endure the difficult times while the healing took place. It’s much easier now.”


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