The ACT Group’s 2020

2020 was an extraordinary year for the global community. As it begins to be assigned to the history books (despite its effects being still very much felt), our CEO Monique Blom reflects on what it meant for the ACT Group as an organisation.

The year of 2020 has given more to the authors of history textbooks than it has to the writers of diaries. Decades from now, scholars will have a wealth of material for their accounts of this pivotal time, but when the people who lived through it look back on the timelines of their personal lives, many of them will find a gap where 2020 should be.

For all its eventfulness, 2020 has for many been a lost and challenging year, in several senses of the word. On top of the immense loss of human lives, the pandemic paused many people’s progress on long-plotted family, well-being and career goals. It forced countless celebrations, work arrangements, life events and holiday gatherings either onto Zoom or out of existence. Additionally, it warped many people’s sense of time, causing months-long stretches to seem interminable in the moment, but in retrospect, they passed by in a blip.

Laurie Santos, a psychology professor at Yale and the host of the podcast The Happiness Lab, is quoted as noting “One of the reasons that [preplanned] experiences make us so happy is that we actually get a lot of utility out of the anticipation of them,” she said. “That’s another spot that for many of us has gone away relative to our normal well-being during COVID.” Using the comments made by Santos as a bit of a trigger, ACTG used 2020 as a time to regroup, create strengthened foundations and embrace change.

2020 is now slowly starting to be history. As it begins to recede into the past, ACTG thought “how will we look back on this blur of a year? and moreover, share our reflections?”

2020 was a year of agility, innovation and sheer determination for the ACTG team. We have created, morphed and designed not only new methods of meaningful engagement with each other and our clients, but have had our resilience, patience and adaptability tested. I am proud for the team at ACTG – 2020 was in essence an enabler, it provided an opportunity for the team to plan and furthermore shine.

So what have we done? See below for a snapshot of 2020 for ACTG!

Over 2,115 telehealth sessions

Over 5,000 total service hours

Reached over 200 postcodes remotely

Two new offices in Canberra and Geelong

It was a year that we all will not forget; 2020 transformed the lives of almost each and every one of us to an extent we could never have imagined, whilst challenging it has also reinvigorated ACTG, and given us tremendous insight into what can be achieved with hard work, fierce determination and a desire to improve.

Monique Blom

Australian Childhood Trauma Group