We aim to listen, respect and understand our carers

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Carer support

Life is never straightforward for parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters of someone whose behaviour challenges. Providing such incredible care for someone you love can have a huge effect on your life, so seeking support from professionals who have an in-depth and empathetic approach can really help.

Our carer support service activity:

  • can happen via telehealth or face to face

  • provide emotional, psychological and behavioural guidance

  • are safe, independent and confidential

  • aim to listen, respect, understand and never judge.

Our clinicians are skilled in a variety of therapeutic approaches, which can help explore:

  • Stress, and anxiety;

  • Changing relationships and roles;

  • Practical understanding of trauma;

  • Caring from a trauma-informed perspective;

  • Managing conflicting demands and emotions; and

  • Applying in practice the recommendations of a Positive Behaviour Support Plan.

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