A message from our CEO

10 August 2021

Monique shares an important and heartfelt message with our staff and our community.

As a CEO, it’s important for me to make sure the conditions for practice are right, providing supervision, learning and development, and professional support for all our clinical staff, regardless of their discipline or area of practice.

This is further amplified during challenging times.

We as senior leaders have an inherent responsibility to ensure our workforce is firstly, safe (literally and figuratively); secondly, that they are encouraged to work together to ensure that they supported; and thirdly, that they have the right tools to work within a dynamic and complex context. I am both humbled and proud for many of my staff (including those who have taken leaps of faith to new roles or “sea -changes”). During challenging times they have worked extra hours and used every inch of creativity and innovation they can muster. They are a great example of clinicians standing up and demonstrating their dedication, resilience, tenacity and professional commitment to children, young people, and their families and carers.

As ACTG has grown over this past year, I have had to commit to improving my own practice as well as others.

I have been tremendously lucky that over the past year I have had the delight to work alongside nearly everyone of ACTG’s clinical team, especially our Clinical Lead. I’ve heard and witnessed excellent stories of clinicians that have gone the extra mile to fulfil their roles and they should be loud and proud of what they’ve achieved. I encourage my staff to share their views so we can learn from their experiences and continue to shape routes into the professions we work within and alongside, to support and maintain excellent and ethical practice . I have learned that integrity is not a given but earned, and can be gained and lost in the space of a single decision. I have, both by choice and demand, made many new decisions across this past year, some hard to fathom, and some without the blink of an eye, but all have impacts and implications.

I have grown to understand the real meaning of being earnest and the value of being heartfelt in how you behave and what you believe.

In the backdrop of challenges and change, if I can provide any advice (and my thanks to my staff for enabling me to understand these things), it is:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing;
  2. Keep children and families at the heart of what you do; by asking yourself what difference have you made to children today;
  3. Recognise the deep learning you’ve undertaken over the past year; and
  4. Continue to find your voice and contribute to professional development.

Of the work we undertake much tends to operate in a vacuum which isn’t reportable by media, so any coverage that does occur sadly tends to be negative. However, this past year has shown that there needs to be so much more done to celebrate the clinical professions that work with children and young people and the individuals that make it.

Our ACTG staff are dedicated, modest and humble. They talk about ‘We’ rather than ‘I’ – and this I think is where integrity begins.

Monique Blom


Australian Childhood Trauma Group