For CEOs & Principals
For CEOs & principals

When patience is not enough

When patience is not enough and your people are stretched to their limits, we can take the heat of the situation and help your staff create a healing environment.

We co-design and deliver customised programs to help your people understand and address the social, emotional and learning needs of the children they teach or care for.

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How we help

Our work in partnership with organisations has a proven track record in creating:

Better learning environments

Our schools programs lead to decreased disruption in the classroom, and fewer incidents in the playground.

Reduction in staff stress levels

Our programs give staff the skills and confidence to respond to a child’s complex needs. This reduces their stress levels, which in turn reduces absenteeism and presenteeism.

More stable placements

In out-of-home care situations our work helps the child remain in their current placement rather than being moved on to the next level of care.

We offer

We deliver engaging trauma-informed training to government and non-government sectors, allied health care professionals, case workers, teachers and carers.

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We have a suite of extensive programs that help to address the social, emotional and learning needs of your students, and the support needs of your staff and parents.

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Comprehensive training and coaching programs, as well as therapeutic services, that help support your staff and ensure the best possible outcomes for your clients.

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Monitoring a child’s progress between sessions or services helps ensure we are on the right track.

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“There is no identical service in Victoria which makes ACT Group an essential service to our members.”


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