Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

We would like to take the opportunity to further update our community on the Australian Childhood Trauma Group’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Below are a few of the actions we are currently taking:

Whilst the situation is constantly evolving, for the ACT Group, maintaining our support remains our highest priority, while also reducing the risk to our clients, our staff and the community.

In line with physical distancing recommendations, our staff are now predominantly working remotely, with a limited office presence at both our Melbourne and Canberra sites. We ask that all Canberra enquiries call our 1300 034 503 phone line and you will be directed on appropriately.

All our support is now being provided via telehealth platforms, either over the phone and using video software, until further notice. While this has meant an adjustment to how we usually deliver support, we are working to maintain regular contact with all our clients, despite the challenges this poses. We have worked hard to facilitate this support using the safest and most appropriate technology for our families; and are constantly revising and responding to developments in these areas. We are extremely grateful to all our clients and community who have been incredibly cooperative and in many cases have even enjoyed this switch to digital!

We continue to practice strict hygiene measures at both offices and encourage adherence to the measures at home and in the community. Alongside this, we are following the constant updates from both regional and federal government and responding accordingly. We will continue to share all our learning with our community via our blogs and media channels.

Finally, we would just like to remind you all that staying connected during physical distancing is critical to maintaining our wellbeing.

We encourage everyone to reach out to friends, family, and any other networks via phone, video chat or social media to remain connected.

It has been wonderful to see such a strong sense of community across Australia despite physical distancing and we encourage you all to get involved if you can.

The ACT Group Team