About us

We work in partnership with our clients to design a program of support that is best for the child.

Why Australian Childhood Trauma Group


support delivered by compassionate and understanding clinicians.


to the child or young person’s particular needs and behaviours.


therapeutic care, with years of combined experience in trauma-informed care.

Our approach

Minimises the time and resources you spend on seeking services across multiple providers and gives you confidence that you are providing the best support for the child or young person.

If the child or young person’s situation changes, we have the flexibility to change the program to accommodate that.

If your resources are limited, we can tailor the program to suit your budget.

If your circumstances or resources don’t suit travel, we can come to you or your client.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where the risk of complex trauma is eliminated and survivors have access to services where and when they need them, without prejudice.

We believe every child has the right to feel safe and to thrive.

Our track record

When parents, carers and teachers are able to implement our strategies we see these outcomes:

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