We are registered to provide both Therapeutic Supports and Behaviour Supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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Therapeutic Supports

Individual Counselling

  • Individual therapy and carer consultation/support. Our work focuses on the intersection of trauma and disability, with an emphasis on supporting positive healing and growth.

Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy And/Or Training (Incl. AT) – Psychology or Other Therapy

  • We can provide psychological assessments which we then use to develop an array of frameworks focusing on identifying areas of challenge and opportunities for transformation and change.
  • Our clinicians can also provide ongoing capacity development and mentoring to support the implementation of transformation strategies.

Behaviour Supports

Behaviour Management Plan, Incl. Training in Behaviour Management Strategies

  • We can develop Positive Behaviour Support Plans, which integrate strength-based and person-centred approaches as the basis for guiding change.
  • Our clinicians work from the view that participant transformation is found in the strength of the established and emerging relationships of care and support around them.

Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support

  • Our clinicians can provide individual therapy and assessments, that are culturally strong and person-centred.
  • Our clinicians can also provide training, consultation and reflective practice sessions to carers and/or staff supporting the participant.
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