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Are we really OK?

Are we really OK? Caroline Ellis, our resident Somatic Therapist in Canberra, has written about the effect of these [...]

Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change Our new CEO at the Australian Childhood Trauma Group, Monique Blom, shares with us the [...]

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Ou clinician Richard Zhang asks our industry what we are doing to protect ourselves from compassion fatigue and secondary traumatisation.


As we all gradually emerge from COVID-19 lockdown measures, our CEO Monique Blom talks about adapting to this new normal we find ourselves in:

To find out about the our response to COVID-19, you can visit this page:

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe out there. Our thoughts are with you all ❤️

The ACT Team

We've had a number of new blogs posted recently! Here's an article by our clinician Freya on Building Independence:

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The ACT Team

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