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Are we really OK?

Are we really OK? Caroline Ellis, our resident Somatic Therapist in Canberra, has written about the effect of these [...]

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Today we launch our ACT Group Clinical Practice Framework! Watch the video for a brief explanation with our CEO and Clinician Lead and head to our website for more information!

Our clinicians are extremely experienced in play therapy modalities. For this week’s blog, Monique explains a few of the approaches and techniques ACT Group clinicians use.

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We are extremely excited to announce that in late April we opened our first office based in Geelong, in the central CBD!
To find out a bit more, have read of Monique's blog about this exciting new venture!

Over the past year, our delivery of disability carer support services has provided much needed support to carers across Victoria, NSW and the ACT. CEO Monique Blom reflects on this service provision and provides some insight into our clinicians’ approach.

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