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Are we really OK?

Are we really OK? Caroline Ellis, our resident Somatic Therapist in Canberra, has written about the effect of these [...]

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As new details emerge following the safe location of Cleo Smith, how will police conduct their investigation when it comes to communicating with the four year old?

CEO of Australian Childhood Trauma Group Monique Blom says it will be different:

Last week was Foster Care week in Australia, it serves as a timely reminder that we must campaign at raising awareness of the amazing work done by foster & kinship carers & their support networks. It is a time to recognise how much difference this makes to young people’s lives.

National Child Protection Week: recognises the importance of families & communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse & neglect. We strongly urge all practitioners to review the webinars advertised by NAPCAN:

Too often we see carers burnout due to lack of adequate support, especially with the added impact of COVID 19 creating seemingly insurmountable barriers between families and services. Have a read of Monique's reflections here:

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