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Both in Melbourne and Canberra, we have a friendly team of highly skilled specialist psychologists, allied health workers and operations staff.

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Meet our friendly staff members
Brenda Aguilar
Brenda Aguilar Clinical Lead - VIC, Psychologist
Brenda loves to work with clients to overcome challenges. She enjoys working with children and adolescents and has lots of experience in assessments, counselling, providing family support and upskilling teachers. In her free time, Brenda enjoys hiking and going on road trips with her beautiful dog, Cosa!
Caroline Ellis
Caroline EllisMental Health Social Worker
Caroline has over 11 years experience as a Mental Health Social Worker, with a passion for working with vulnerable families. She has worked in several service settings, between NSW, the NT and the ACT. Caroline has a keen interest in Somatic Therapies and is a qualified Sensorimotor Art Therapist. When she’s not working, she’s living on her semi rural oasis enjoying a slow life with the farm animals.
Emilie Traeger
Emilie Traeger Social Worker
Emilie comes from a background in Care and Protection, working in in South Australia and New Zealand. She has a passion for understanding how the systems around a child and their family can help them be the best they can be. Emilie loves gardening and going bushwalking.
Freddie Cooke
Freddie Cooke Senior Operations Coordinator
Freddie joined us straight from the UK, where she managed projects within a theatre context. Alongside her work with us at the ACT Group, Freddie is involved in community schemes with the Red Cross and the ASRC and loves hiking, biking and exploring this new hemisphere!
Gregory Nicolau
Gregory Nicolau Founder, Consultant Psychologist
Gregory is the Founder of ACT Group and former CEO. He’s a consultant psychologist, but before that he was an outreach youth worker after a stint in the army. He invented Ripple a technology that allows us to track the health and wellbeing of a person, team or organisation. He loves movies, martial arts and his therapy dog Matilda.
Hannah Verass
Hannah VerassSocial Worker
Hannah has a background in care and protection and community mental health. She works to empower children to reach their full potential through the use of strength-based approaches. Using a holistic perspective to better understand a child’s situation, she looks to work collaboratively with children and their family to support them in achieving their goals. Hannah also loves to camp, swim, and always ticks off a few music festivals and gigs every summer!
Mary Utter
Mary UtterArts Therapist
Mary has over 20 years experience working in education, mental health and the non-profit sector, in Australia, the United States and Samoa. A qualified arts therapist, Mary brings with her a wealth of cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary experience. Mary is also a member of a number of community and environmentally focused organisations.
Monique Blom
Monique BlomCEO
Monique took the reins at the ACT Group in early 2020, using her years of experience in the non-profit and private sector to guide the organisation through the turbulence of this year! A social worker by trade, Monique can often be found rowing down the Yarra river with her daughters at the weekend.
Natalie Fraser
Natalie FraserClinical Lead - ACT, Psychologist
Prishini Ratnayake
Prishini RatnayakeSenior Clinician, Psychologist
Prishini joins us from the Education & Training department, where she has numerous years of experience providing assessments and counsellin, as well as training to educators and parents. Prishini has her hands full as the proud owner of two gorgeous cats and seventy-two plants!
Richard Zhang
Richard ZhangSenior Clinician, Psychologist
Richard has many years of experience in providing multidisciplinary assessments, counselling and advocacy to children and young adults who are in extreme circumstances. He loves to work closely with allied health professionals, educators, and families and has experience in both clinical and forensic settings, providing group therapy as well as individual therapy. Richard is fluent in Mandarin and is capable of working with clients who speak in their mother tongue. Outside of work, Richard enjoys rock climbing.
Sophie Corbett
Sophie Corbett Operations Lead
Sophie runs the show at the ACT Group, with years of experience in youth work and alternative education, there’s nothing she doesn’t know. On Friday nights she can be found bow and arrow in hand, re-enacting alongside her Viking band, or dancing at a disco!
Wahaj Badri
Wahaj Badri Operations Support
Wahaj comes with a background in mental health and bio-medicine. He is passionate about advocating for the LGBTQI+ community, languages, history, and adapting access mental health services to a wider audience via multimedia such as music and video games. In his spare time, he seeks out dogs for his Instagram story, hikes, and volunteers with various crisis housing providors.