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Our multidisciplinary team model for clinical service delivery is designed to meet the needs of our diverse and dynamic client cohorts.

Our team brings together the expertise and skills of different disciplines and professionals to assess, plan, support and counsel. Our team consists of mental health practitioners from health, care and allied health disciplines that work together to provide a trauma-aware, holistic, person centred and strengths based approach.

Specifically, our multidisciplinary team consists of mental health nurses, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, educators, play/drama therapists, and art therapists.

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Chantell Andrades
Chantell AndradesMental Health Clinican
Chantell, has a masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. In the past she has worked with NDIS and Schools where she worked with a diverse group of clients providing them with support and essential services. She is extremely passionate about working with children. She uses a strength-based and solution focused approach that she finds has been helpful to her clients. Her hobbies include spending time with her dog and finding any excuse to have some Nutella!
Cindy Condon
Cindy CondonClinical Intake Coordinator & Mental Health Clinician
Cindy is a Registered Nurse, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, a qualified yoga teacher and has a post graduate qualification in Women’s Health. She has enjoyed working regionally over many years and is now returned to Melbourne.
Cindy has an interest in supporting carers and family wellbeing. She is a strong advocate for those vulnerable and in need of support to step toward changes.
Her style is inclusive, uncomplicated, accessible and always practices with a holistic notion of healthcare. When not working Cindy enjoys reading, walking and cooking.
Diane Newham
Diane NewhamCorporate Lead
Ethiopia Dershaye
Ethiopia DershayeJunior Admin Assistant
Ethiopia joins the Operations Team after recently completing her Bachelors degree in Psychology at RMIT. She is the welcoming, friendly face of ACT Group looking after our front desk and also helping with referrals. In her free time, she enjoys playing sports and spending time with friends and family.
Freddie Cooke
Freddie Cooke Senior Operations Coordinator
Freddie joined us straight from the UK, where she managed projects within a theatre context. Alongside her work with us at the ACT Group, Freddie is involved in community schemes with the Red Cross and the ASRC and loves hiking, biking and exploring this new hemisphere!
Gregory Nicolau
Gregory Nicolau Founder, Consultant Psychologist
Gregory is the Founder of ACT Group and former CEO. He’s a consultant psychologist, but before that he was an outreach youth worker after a stint in the army. He invented Ripple a technology that allows us to track the health and wellbeing of a person, team or organisation. He loves movies, martial arts and his therapy dog Matilda.
Hena Farighi
Hena FarighiPsychologist
Hena comes from a working in school and community mental health settings, providing individual counselling to students, parents/carers & staff. Hena has worked with people from diverse backgrounds including refugee and asylum seekers & is particularly interested in gaining further competence in this area. At the weekend she mostly spends time with her family, making sure to try new cuisines and go hiking!
Jessie Brautigan
Jessie BrautiganSenior Clinician, Counsellor
My name is Jessie, I am a certified counsellor and have worked in many contexts such as education, non-profit therapeutic services, residential care and youth homelessness, and private practice. I have a passion for working with people who have experienced developmental trauma. When I am not at work I write poetry, make art, do yoga, hike, camp and ocean swim. I am always outdoors!
Kandice Senturias
Kandice SenturiasSocial Worker
Kandice has worked previously as Disability and Mental Health advocate, a family case manager and as an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapist. She is passionate about giving vulnerable people a voice and achieving the best outcome for her clients using a strength-based, person-centred and collaborative approach. Outside of work, Kandice enjoys cracking escape rooms, karaoke and playing video games (BoW, DBD & DST).
Monique Blom
Monique BlomCEO
Monique took the reins at the ACT Group in early 2020, using her years of experience in the non-profit and private sector to guide the organisation through the turbulence of this year! A social worker by trade, Monique can often be found rowing down the Yarra river with her daughters at the weekend.
Natalie Fraser
Natalie FraserClinical Lead, Psychologist
Natalie is a registered Psychologist with over 25 years in working with vulnerable children, young people and adults. She has a special interest in working with people who have experienced complex trauma and is passionate about supporting people to explore new possibilities. Natalie enjoys spending her down time with her family and dogs and exploring the bushland around Canberra.
Natalie Ryan
Natalie RyanSenior Clinician, Social Worker
Natalie has a background in out of home care, working for 15 years with children and young people in kinship care across Victoria and NSW. She uses a strengths-based approach and enjoys working alongside families to affect positive change. A newcomer to the ACT, Natalie is enjoying discovering the parks & bushland around Canberra, exploring the art galleries and searching out delicious food.
Richard Zhang
Richard ZhangSenior Clinician, Psychologist
Richard has many years of experience in providing multidisciplinary assessments, counselling and advocacy to children and young adults who are in extreme circumstances. He loves to work closely with allied health professionals, educators, and families and has experience in both clinical and forensic settings, providing group therapy as well as individual therapy. Richard is fluent in Mandarin and is capable of working with clients who speak in their mother tongue. Outside of work, Richard enjoys rock climbing.
Sara Lindstrom
Sara LindstromSenior Clinician, Counsellor
Sara has a background of counselling with adults, young people and children, but has specialised in the play & art therapy fields. She loves working with children, and has a passion to see children grow through their lived experience of trauma and/or childhood difficulties, to help them realise & reach their full potential. Sara has worked with homeless families, indigenous families, in Out of Home Care and with young carers. Sara has two grandbabies, two children, a husband and 2 large dogs, all of which keep her extremely busy. Her favourite thing to do on the weekend is to take the dogs to the park and meet her family for coffee!