We partner with organisations across Australia to deliver quality outcomes for children, young people and families

Work with us

Over a number of years, ACT Group has provided support services to:

  • Schools

  • Out-of-home care agencies

  • The justice system

  • Refugee support organisations

  • NDIS providers

  • Early childhood providers

  • Family support services

  • Homeless support services

Have a look at some of our longest partnerships below, including some information about our student placement opportunities.

Permanent Care and Adoptive Families (PCAF)

The ACT Group and PCAF have worked together since 2009 supporting foster carers and workers by addressing their training and support needs.

We provide support to the child, carer and system for as long as it takes to stabilise the placements. Support plans are developed with the child’s case manager, and often include:

  • a comprehensive assessment, including cognitive assessment if required, and development of a Therapeutic Change Plan
  • therapy for the child
  • secondary consultation to the carer and child’s teachers
  • skill development for those significant contributors to the child’s life, such as teachers.

During our partnership with PCAF we have prevented 91.5% of placements from terminating, with cost savings to the community of more than $5 million.

“The work ACT Group undertakes with our children and families is invaluable. Their collaborative and professional approach has prevented placement breakdown and distress for the majority of permanent care children referred to them.”

Brenda Carmen, CEO PCAF

St Albans Primary School

We have been working with St Albans Primary School for nearly five years; helping to develop their staff’s capacity to understand and manage challenging student behaviours.

We provide a combination of:

  • our learning and support programs
  • two embedded ACT Group clinicians
  • and a variety of other support services.

This has resulted in improvements in learning outcomes each year since the program began.

“Our partnership with ACT Group has enabled a calm and inclusive learning environment. Students transition between activities throughout the day in an orderly manner. Staff are able to use restorative practices to work through issues both in the classroom and playground. “

Principal, St Albans Primary School

Burrun Dalai Aboriginal Corporation Incorporated

We partnered with Burrun Dalai, a foster care organisation for Aboriginal children and young people, over a five-year period to support them in becoming trauma-informed.

We provided:

  • extensive professional development including the Homes that Heal Program
  • comprehensive cognitive and bio-psycho-social assessments, from which we developed Therapeutic Change Plans (TCPs) for the children and young people.

We were honoured to become an integral part of the Burrun Dalai community, and we learnt as much from them about Aboriginal history and their experience of standing up against oppression and racism in their country as their staff learnt about trauma from us.

“Our kids are our bright lights in our Black future, we need them to shine, our work with the ACTG gave us the opportunity and skills to illuminate their life path.”

Dana Clark , CEO and Worimi woman Burrun Dalai

Student Placements

Every year, we provide opportunities at the ACT Group for a number undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our dynamic and rewarding placements provide supported experience for students in child therapy, educational needs assessments, bio-psycho-social assessments and systemic work. They are also a unique opportunity to attend training on the effects of childhood trauma.

We have current student placement partnerships with the ACU, RMIT, Deacon University and Charles Stuart University. If you, or your university is interested in our placement opportunities, please get in touch.

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