We deliver engaging trauma-informed training to a range of organisations and audiences, including professionals and carers.

Professional Learning and Training

Our regular trainings include:

Intro to Homes that Heal

This full day of training will introduce participants to the key foci of the Practice RHYTHM model: ‘Regulating Emotional States’, ‘Homely and Safe Environment’, ‘Yummy Food’, ‘Therapeutic Treatment Plans’, ‘Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit’ and ‘Maintaining the Rhythm’. The Homes that Heal philosophy guides participants through a process of ensuring that children and young people are cared for in the best possible way.

Divided Loyalties

Many children and young people who live away from their biological families are able to ‘catch-up’ with them throughout the year. How positive these catch-ups are is determined by how well we prepare and support children through the experience. This training equips carers with strategies to support a child or young person through this.  It can either be a full or half day training.

Intro to Mental Health

Mental illness will most likely affect us all at some point in our life — be that directly or indirectly through our clients, friends or family members. This training clarifies the symptoms, causes and treatments for some of the major mental illnesses. This can either be a full or half day training.

Mad, Bad or Sad? A pathway to healing

This training translates the theory of childhood trauma and broken attachments into practice. It provides several practice models that can be put into practice immediately. It can either be a full or half day training.

RAVE - Regulating Aggressive and Violent Emotions

This two-day training provides carers and teachers with knowledge of how to prevent aggressive and violent situations, as well as how to respond. Participants will learn practical strategies to manage aggressive incidents and will discover the key aspects of aggressive behaviour.

Thinking Mind, Reptilian Brain

This training explores the importance of carers or teachers staying present in their thinking minds when dealing with challenging behaviours of the children in their care. Practical interventions will be shared and demonstrated. This can either be full or half day training.

Punishment vs Discipline

When children are ‘misbehaving’ what should we do? Punish, discipline, or give them an ice cream? This training explores behaviour changes, unpacks the differences between logical and natural consequences, teaches the Boss of Self strategy and shows carers and teachers how to understand when a child or young person is ready to listen. It can either be full or half day training.

The Magical Art of a Desperate Child

Infants, children and young people who have experienced traumatic events, including cumulative harm and chaos in their lives, often find it difficult to regulate their emotional states. Carers and teachers can find this extremely difficult. They can be left feeling exhausted and sapped of energy. It does not have to be this way. This half-day training explores the place of mindfulness, reflective practice and rooting as important skills for carers and teachers to develop in order to provide environments and relationships that will heal.

Who Cares Wins — caring for self in order to care for others

Caring for someone in need can be truly rewarding. It can also be physically and emotionally exhausting. Each time you provide care, nurture and support to an infant, child or young person in your home you give a little bit of yourself to them. Over time, that adds up to a lot of you! This full day training explores the ways that you can give something back to yourself.

We can tailor our training workshops to individual requests. Please feel free to give us a call if you don’t see your specific area of interest above, we can most likely accommodate you!