We can co-design and deliver capacity-building programs to help your people address the social, emotional and learning needs of the children in their care.

Programs for schools

Smarter Schools Program

Helping your staff, as well as students, be the best they can be! This program assists your school in reaching the best possible social, developmental and academic outcomes for your students.

A standard program offers:

  • Secondary consultations – supporting staff struggling to manage the complexities of any individual student’s needs and behaviour.
  • Professional learning and training – with either individuals or groups, covering topics including trauma and its impact on the brain, regulating aggressive and violent emotions, staff wellbeing.
  • Student development – stimulating group work on topics including bullying, grief and loss, resilience, to help students develop their social and emotional wellbeing.
  • Psychological assessment and counselling -various assessments, as well as onsite counselling, to support the student’s progress.

Programs for schools

Positive Choices Program

Building resilience, individual responsibility and choice! This behaviour management program for schools encourages ownership, pro-social behaviours and cooperation in students using a positive reinforcement approach.

Classroom component

  • Students work collaboratively towards a target behaviour selected to maximise their learning experiences.
  • Throughout the day teachers reinforce the positive choices students are making or help them work towards the targeted behaviour.
  • At the end of the day teachers and students reflect on their achievements and opportunities for development.

Playground component

  • Students are rewarded for demonstrating positive behaviour choices.
  • Students’ individual efforts contribute towards a class’s overall good choices.
  • Over time, the individual students’ efforts accumulate, and their class can receive school-wide recognition by way of a Principal’s Reward.

Programs for agencies

Homes that Heal

Creating healing home environments for children and young people. This comprehensive training and coaching program (over three years) provides a practice framework for workers. At its foundation is the belief that adults not children should create and maintain the ‘rhythm’ of the house.

The program helps staff ensure that the young people are cared for in the very best way possible. This includes the development of a therapeutic change plan and focuses on the key areas of smart thinking, self-care, self-love, cooperation, empathy, spiritual awareness, cultural identity, safety.

Program Components

  • Daily and weekly routines which provide structure and certainty to the household
  • Nutritional and physical activity recommendations to promote engagement and healing processes
  • Development of strong and trusting relationships in a warm and responsive environment

Programs for schools

Case Assistance Program

Supporting and enhancing your team’s work practices. This program provides a tailored suite of services that will support and enhance your team’s work in reaching best possible outcomes for your clients.

You pre-purchase as many hours as you want, which you can use within an agreed time frame to access any of our services, such as:

  • Secondary consultations – case-specific support to assist workers or carers who may be struggling to manage the complexities of the case.
  • Training – tailored training to meet the needs of individuals and groups, delivered at an agreed location.
  • Professional supervision and coaching – tailored individual or group sessions to enhance the reflective practice of staff at any level.
  • Psychological assessment – psychometric testing, psychological assessments and a range of other allied health interventions. We provide a comprehensive written report with recommendations.
  • Counselling – Individual, couple or family counselling, which may be short or long-term, to support them with a particular issue or a variety of issues.

We can also offer:

Staff debriefing

Individual or group debriefing to assist with recovery from critical incidents that may have impacted on their psychological ability to cope and/or confidently manage their work.

If required, support services can be delivered remotely via telephone or video conferencing consultation.