We can co-design and deliver capacity-building programs to help your people address the social, emotional and learning needs of the children in their care.

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Smarter Schools Program

Helping your staff, as well as students, be the best they can be! This program assists your school in reaching the best possible social, developmental and academic outcomes for your students.

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Positive Choices Program

Building resilience, individual responsibility and choice! This behaviour management program for schools encourages ownership, pro-social behaviours and cooperation in students using a positive reinforcement approach.

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Homes that Heal

Creating healing home environments for children and young people. This comprehensive training and coaching program (over three years) provides a practice framework for workers.

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Case Assistance Program

Supporting and enhancing your team’s work practices. This program provides a tailored suite of services that will support and enhance your team’s work in reaching best possible outcomes for your clients.

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Ripple™ – Tracking Outcomes Program

Monitoring a child’s progress between sessions or services helps ensure we are on the right track. All of our programs at the ACT Group can incorporate the use of Ripple™.

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