Innovative tech support

Monitoring a child’s progress between sessions or services helps ensure we are on the right track.

Ripple™ – Tracking Outcomes Program

All of our programs at the ACT Group can incorporate the use of Ripple™: a unique user-friendly app that asks the child and any adult involved in their care to record what change has taken place over time.

This gives the child’s care team an opportunity to identify and express where the change is taking place, as well as providing valuable information to their care team about how their mental health and wellbeing is tracking.

At the back end, this app is a powerful analytics and communication platform, Ripple™, which aids communication within the care team, and monitors and reports on the child’s progress.

“It is working a treat and the staff are already loving looking at their kids to identify patterns. Some of these patterns were quite unexpected which is particularly helpful.”

Primary Coordinator