Helping your staff, as well as students, be the best they can be!

Smarter Schools Program

This program assists your school in reaching the best possible social, developmental and academic outcomes for your students.

A standard program offers:

Secondary consultations >>

Secondary consultations

Supporting staff struggling to manage the complexities of any individual student’s needs and behaviour.

Professional learning and training >>

Professional learning and training

With either individuals or groups, covering topics including trauma and its impact on the brain, regulating aggressive and violent emotions, staff wellbeing.

Student development >>

Student development

Stimulating group work on topics including bullying, grief and loss, resilience, to help students develop their social and emotional wellbeing.

Psychological assessment and counselling >>

Psychological assessment and counselling

Various assessments, as well as onsite counselling, to support the student’s progress.

“I used to be scared to go onto the oval but now it’s not a problem as I have the skills to understand and respond to aggressive behaviour.”