We have a range of therapeutic services that are underpinned by research-based practice.

Theories & Modalities


Our clinicians are experienced in a range of modalities to help you, your child or the child you work for maximise their potential.

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We are registered to provide a range of tailored, strengths-based supports under the Improved Daily Living and Improved Relationships funding categories.

We also offer specialised support and services for infants and young children with developmental delays or disabilities, under the age of 6.

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We can provide a range of assessments and work with our clients to decide on the most appropriate and beneficial testing in each individual’s case.

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Life Story Work (new)

We work with our clients to build a resource that captures their story, which they can treasure into the future.

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Carer Support (new)

We focus on the whole family system, rather than the individual. We listen to our carers and support them in managing their child’s behaviours

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Secondary Consultations

Our experienced clinicians can provide specialist, collaborative consultations with network professionals on a range of subject matters

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Professional Development & Training

We can deliver engaging training to care team members, organisation staff and leadership teams, helping to build resilience and understanding.

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