We believe every child has the right to feel save & thrive

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I am a…


We are here to help you support the children you care for, with a variety of methods to create the change you need for your family.

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Young Person

This world can be tough.

Our clinicians can help you to navigate it, with practical strategies to help you succeed.

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Reaching out can be hard. We maintain a simple, empathetic intake process which listens to your needs, to provide the right therapeutic support.

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NDIS Participant

Registered to provide both Therapeutic Supports and Behaviour Supports, we will always prioritise your choices and help you realise your goals.

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We partner with both staff and students to achieve real, sustainable change in the classroom, playground and more.

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Finding the right support for your clients can be a challenge. We partner with you to develop the most appropriate and effective support.

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Support Coordinator

Registered to provide both Therapeutic Supports and Behaviour Supports, we can provide quality support to your clients.

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We partner with you to co-design a program of therapeutic and clinical support services to achieve your organisational goals.

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Referral form example

    Permanent Carer/ Parent

    Does the child/young person have a permanent care order?


    If yes, please attach here:

    Referrer details:

    Client details

    Does the child identify as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?


    Has there been a formal assessment in the last 2 years?

    Cognitive assessment (e.g. assessments done through school)


    Social and Emotional Assessment


    Mental Health Assessment (Occupational Therapy/Speech Assessment)


    If possible, please attach assessment here:

    Please tick appropriate boxes below:

    (indicate the support you are seeking)

    Counselling for child, carer, family
    Carer support
    School support