Support Coordinator

We collaborate with you to achieve outcomes for your participants.

Registered to provide both Therapeutic Supports and Behaviour Supports, we can provide quality support to your clients.

(Improved Daily Living)

We can provide therapy, support consultations, assessments, and Positive Behaviour Support Plans, using Improved Daily Living funding.

Line items: Psychology and/or Other Therapy

(Improved Relationships)

We can provide Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support, including individual support and Positive Behaviour Support Plans, as well as Behaviour Management Training for carers and support workers.

We work with the family you support to decide on the most appropriate & beneficial testing for the participant.

“I feel like your assistance was a lifeline to help me to work with our child. You helped us right in the middle of crisis times, enabling us to understand what was going on from the point of view of a traumatised child.”


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