Triage Work Within the Intake Process


Triage is the evaluation of the degree of urgency for any given presentation. Within a health service, triage involves conducting a bio-psychosocial assessment at the point of entry to categorise the need and suitability for service response.

The Intake Process

At the Australian Childhood Trauma Group (ACT Group), we aim to triage with dedication and skill for any enquiry or intake submitted. This dedication is underscored by establishing the Senior Intake Coordinator position, which was introduced in 2021 to oversee intake for the Melbourne, Geelong, and Canberra clinics.

Triage is a clinically significant point of engagement and understanding within our service model. It is the initial contact point with our participants and families, ensuring that a thorough and considered assessment begins at the start of our service delivery.

Making a Referral

Making a referral is the first step in a client’s journey to connecting with ACT Group. We understand that the first step of any experience can often feel daunting. To ensure that referring to ACT Group is accessible, transparent, and beneficial for the client, family, or referring agent, we have created an easy-to-follow form on our website.

The family can refer to the person needing care or an organisation involved in caring for an individual living with disability or trauma. This process has been streamlined to two pages, allowing for contact information, client information, and a brief introduction to the situation.

Once the form is submitted, it is quickly directed to our Intake team for review. After assessing the individual’s circumstances, we begin working on ways to create support, healing, and change. Our Senior Intake Clinician will then arrange a time for an intake call with either the carer or referrer as indicated on the referral form.

What Happens During an Intake Call?

Talking to a stranger for the first time, even a professional, about life’s challenges can feel intimidating. To ease this process, here are some details about what to expect during an intake call:

How long does the call take?

  • On average, an intake call takes about 20-30 minutes.

What is an intake call?

  • It’s a comprehensive, compassionate conversation to discuss how we can support you.

What are some of the things we ask?

  • We generally ask about your strengths, the kind of support you have now, and your goals.

What happens next?

  • Once we confirm that ACT Group can support you, we begin the paperwork and find the best clinician for your needs.


The triage process at ACT Group is designed to be as simple yet efficient as possible, acknowledging the multiple demands on referrers and families. By providing a thorough and compassionate intake process, we aim to make seeking help less daunting and more supportive for those in need.